Etienne Udry

Entrepreneur, Projects, IT and Logistics

POS Materials Distribution

Go Live : 2004


Reduced logistics costs by 2 Mio CHF / Year


Decrease logistics costs

Close local warehouses

Improve Accountability


Point-of-Sales Materials



After the integration of Watches and Jewellery distribution out of the EDC the local subsidiaries kept their logistics operations to process the storage and shipments of merchandising to the stores.

I was tasked to find a solution in order to distribute all merchandising and point-of-sales materials from a central location.


Establish a 3rd Party Logistics Distribution Centre :

  1. Write RFQs proposals to selected vendors
  2. Evaluate responses to RFQs
  3. Develop processes in cooperation with 3PL partner
  4. Develop interfaces between partner system and SAP ECC 6.0
  5. Change Management
  6. Trainings
  7. Pilot Implementation