Etienne Udry

Entrepreneur, Projects, IT and Logistics

Asia IT Competence Centre

Torii Gate, Japan

Go Live : 2007


Project delivered on-time and in budget


Establish a competence center in Asia to facilitate the roll-out and support of Asian-Pacific (APAC)

countries on the central SAP ERP system


Sales and Distribution

Finance and Controlling

Customer Service


Cultural differences

Find location with pool of IT talent

Travel convenience

Synergies with local IT


Evaluation of potential existing locations

Retained SG Singapore as best location:

  • Available offices and infrastructure
  • Local hosting manager
  • IT pool of talents
  • Convenience to travel abroad (Visas, connections, etc..)
  • Language advantage (english)
  • Willingness from local management to be pilot implementation

Hire new IT specialists and training in HQ